About Me

Hi, my name is Rebekah Nysewander and I’m a recovering sugar-aholic. Seriously, I love sugar. I would eat it around the clock if someone did a research study and found that a diet of pure sweets was all you needed to feel good and be healthy. Sadly, however, it is not and the idea of that research paper being published is right up there with pigs flying and hell freezing over. So, how do I live in the light of that?
Well, I have been a fairly ‘clean’ eater for the past couple years. I shopped organics at the local Whole Foods, we would visit our town’s farmers market on Saturday mornings, and we ate homemade food around the table 6 out of 7 nights of the week. Some how though I still didn’t have the energy I longed for and I still struggled with massive cravings. I realized that even though we were eating organic food, we were still consuming large quantities of sugar in breads, snack foods, desserts, etc.
Family adventure at the dollar store (never a dull moment)
So this blog is my journey to health and whole living. We will be experimenting with recipes, some organic, vegan, gluten free, vegetarian… Look out! It’s going to be fun! I will be posting my weekly menu for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as some recipes that coincide and also give updates to how I feel as I walk through this. Let me mention that I am married with three children (5,4 and 2) so I’ll let you know what the verdict is after each week of CLEAN eating! Thanks for joining me in this journey, it should be interesting  :)


  1. I am excited to read this Rebekah. Thank you for embarking on something I have been hearing so much about. I will experience through you! :) Laura Moseley

    1. Thanks Laura! It should be interesting :) Hopefully we'll see you soon!