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  1. Thanks for posting the weekly menus. My husband and our 2 1/2 year old son followed Week 1 and it's been great. We made a few substitutions for the dinners, we added Turkey Taco Salad and Salmon with Arugula & Lentils. I also used Ezekieal bread instead of making sourdough.
    But I must say that I feel great. I've been stuggling with some intestinal issues for over a year but this week i've been problem free!

    1. Hey ! I'm so happy to hear of your success! I feel like eating a strongly plant-based diet with clean ingredients can heal a number of illnesses as well as just help us feel our best. It can be hard feeding little people this way when goldfish crackers and deli meat are so accessible. I pray that this journey proves to be rewarding and freeing for you and your family. Most of the time I have NO IDEA what I'm doing but, hey, we're all an journey of some sort! And I find this one to be enjoyable and physically rewarding! Bless you and your family.